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Japan Night Winner 2013
Used at University of Iceland
Covered by Mainichi
Featured in Project Design
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Personalized language learning

Introducing Cooori: an online language learning app that intelligently changes around you and your specific needs.

Every task-based lesson is carefully and precisely tuned to your level to help you understand and speak better, quicker than ever.

  • Personalized lessons using your own unique, one-of-a-kind language database
  • Optimized activities that change to match your performance and progress
  • Customize your own content to match your specific study style and learning needs
  • Japanese textbook support: learning tools to help you master the content in major texts
  • Mobile access across any and all of your internet-ready devices
  • A variety of lesson styles to help you remember longer
  • Supplemental Quizzes and reading activities for rich and effective learning
  • Advanced statistics in the dashboard & Progress Badges to motivate and encourage you
  • And more…

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I just wanted to tell you that I love Cooori! I begin to understand how it works and I enjoy using it every day. Also, the bilingual blog posts are amazing! I would love to read manga in the same way, maybe some short comic strip!
User since July 2013
It started off just for fun. I wanted to familiarize myself with the language and to learn a few Japanese words and phrases. I really enjoyed using the system, the interface is so user-friendly and simple.
User since October 2012
I just sit back and make the effort to study regularly, Cooori guarantees results as it constantly re-introduces new words and vocabulary at the pace necessary to embed into my memory. Its absolutely brilliant.
User since May 2012
If not for Cooori I wouldn't have been able to get through the first step of learning Japanese since it's always been hard for me to learn languages the traditional way. Thanx again for making such a great language-learning site!
Student of Japanese at the University of Iceland

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