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Cooori puts the fun into language learning with their new app, LingoWorld by Cooori!
Posted by Dora Birna Sigurjonsdottir

Learn the basics in 10 new language with our new language-learning game app, LingoWorld by Cooori.

LingoWorld by Cooori is a new language learning app for iOS iPhone and iPads which allows users to quickly and effectively learn common phrases and basic words in ten different languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Icelandic, Italian, Korean, Spanish and Thai.

Users can learn from the language of their choice, i.e. a French speaker can learn Italian in French, 90 different language pairs in total.

As trends towards mobility and globalization continue, being able to communicate in a foreign language is an important skill. LingoWorld allows users to learn languages in a flexible and interactive manner from the comfort of their mobile or tablet.description

The LingoWorld app is designed so its users can learn essential words and phrases in a short period of time.

The app is built on a specially-designed Artificial Intelligence which adjusts to each user's learning ability, ensuring that each user gets the most out of even short learning experiences.

LingoWorld would allow a user to study basic French phrases while flying from Tokyo to Paris. By using LingoWorld several times throughout the flight,
the user would be able to communicate in French by the time they land!

LingoWorld contains the phrases necessary to take a taxi and direct the driver to a specific location, check into a room, ask for good restaurants, order food, pay the bill, go shopping in the market and make new friends.


Even if the user can't learn all the phrases quickly, all of LingoWorld's phrases are easily accessible via the Phrasebook and beats using a paper phrasebook in terms of convenience.

LingoWorld teaches 10 different languages so users will be able to communicate with a multitude of people.

In the LingoWorld app, users will also be able to practice pronunciation, look up words and phrases, closely monitor their own progression, develop language skills and understanding all from their mobile device.

So whether you’re planning on exploring the Italian Riviera, the Icelandic geyser’s, or braving the heights of Mount Fuji, be sure to download your very own LingoWorld app, the great language learning app and talking phrasebook from Cooori!

descriptionDownload LingoWorld now for free from the Apple iTunes Store.

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